• Review: Calling Glenn at CAP UCLA

    "It is said that Kotche is the rhythmic anchor of Wilco, and after experiencing his performance in calling glenn, it is clear why."

    Read more from Bachtrack's five-star review of last Friday's CAP UCLA performance of Calling Glenn, a collaboration with Ate9 dANCEcOMPANY.

  • Pick a Chair: Collaboration with Visceral Dance

    Upcoming performances of Pick a Chair, composed by Glenn, choreographed by Danielle Agami and performed by Visceral Dance.

    Sep 16 | North Shore Center for Performing Arts | Skokie, IL

    Sep 19 | Hope College | Holland, MI

    Oct 7 | Harris Theater for Music and Dance | Chicago, IL

    Oct 20 | Dance Center of Columbia College | Chicago, IL

  • Happiness of Living is out now

    The new album by On Fillmore, Glenn's long-running duo with Darin Gray, has been released on Northern Spy. Happiness of Living is out now.

    01. Pintado

    02. Ilusionismo da Arvore da Cerebraçao

    03. Jornada Inteira

    04. Cave Crickets

    05. Bota Fogo

    06. Espaço

    07. Drums Equal Percussion

    08. Truta Samba

    09. No Outro Lado

    10. Foli Ke

    11. Despidida Suspensa

  • World Premiere of 'Calling Glenn'

    The world premiere of 'Calling Glenn', a collaborative piece with Ate9 Dance Company will be at Moore Theatre in Seattle, WA on March 3 at 8pm. Tickets here.

  • Wild Sound available now

    The score for Glenn's composition for four percussionists (commissioned and arranged by Third Coast Percussion) is available now here.
  • Meinl Percussion

    Glenn proudly uses Meinl Percussion. Check out the products he's using now here.
  • DePaul University Percussion Ensemble

    The DePaul University Percussion Ensemble is to perform Glenn's piece, Clapping Music Variations directed by Michael Kozakis on Saturday, November 12 at 3pm at the DePaul Concert Hall in Chicago, IL. For more information, visit here.
  • Earth Drums installation at Artpark

    Check out Glenn's Artpark installation, Earth Drums, in Lewiston, NY. Free and open to the public during park hours (dawn to dusk). For more information, visit here.
  • Process of making Wild Sound

    Check out this piece for a sneak peek into the process of making Wild Sound, Glenn's original composition which has musicians construct and deconstruct their instruments on stage as a part of the performance. Glenn will join Third Coast Percussion for Wild Sound next Spring.

    April 15, 2017 | Eugene, OR | Hult Center

    May 6, 2017 | Madison, WI | Overture Center

  • Just Announced: Chicago Youth Symphony Orchestras' Composers-in-Residence

    Chicago, mark your calendars. We're thrilled to announce that Glenn is one of this year's Composers-in-Residence for Chicago Youth Symphony Orchestras. Glenn will join the orchestra on May 21, 2017 to perform a newly-commissioned piece, as well as a new arrangement of his solo work "Mobile" for CYSO's new Philharmonic Orchestra to premiere on June 3. More information here.
  • Glenn's Zildjian Sound Legacy video

    Ever wonder what kind of cymbals Glenn uses for Wilco? Check out this Sound Legacy‬ video from Zildjian to find out.
  • The Colorado is Q2 Music's Album of the Week

    "The result is an album so energized by the possibilities of contemporary music-making that it practically glows in the dark." Thrilled that The Colorado is the Q2 Music Album of the Week and is currently streaming on the site.
  • NYTimes Review of The Colorado

    "Mr. Kotche drew evocative sounds from an array of instruments and provided suspenseful rhythms that lent tension to the film’s historic arc." Read more of The New York Times review of 'The Colorado' from Wednesday's New York premiere at The Metropolitan Museum of Art.

    The music from 'The Colorado' is available now on iTunes.

  • Anomaly Concerto World Premiere - May 12 - National Sawdust in Brooklyn, NY

    I am thrilled to be performing the world premiere of Anomaly Concerto for Percussion and String Orchestra with Norway’s fantastic 1B1 Orchestra at National Sawdust in Brooklyn next Thursday, May 12 at 7pm. The piece is a reimagined version of my String Quartet with percussion accompaniment, originally written for Kronos Quartet. The concerto reworks and condenses those 7 movements into a continuous piece that flows through a varied musical landscape, following the percussion soloist throughout. I will also be performing some solo works as a part of this upcoming show. I hope you’ll come out and join me for this exciting premiere of percussion and strings. - GK

    More information and tickets are available HERE.

  • 1B1 Presents: Percussion Evening With Glenn Kotche on May 12

    As Artist-in-Residence, Glenn will premiere his commission for National Sawdust, Anomaly Concerto with 1B1, in Brooklyn on May 12 at 7pm. More information here.

  • World Premiere of The Colorado Tonight

    "The cool challenge was finding continuity between it all," Glenn tells The Houston Chronicle of the process of collaboratively composing the soundtrack of The Colorado, which premieres worldwide tonight at Da Camera in Houston, TX at 8pm. More info here.
  • 1B1 Presents: Percussion Evening with Glenn Kotche

    As Artist-in-Residence, Glenn will premiere his commission for National Sawdust, Anomaly featuring 1B1 Group, in Brooklyn on May 12 at 7pm. Tickets are on sale now, and available here.
  • Rolling Stone's Greatest Drummers of All Time

    Glenn is in great company at #82 on Rolling Stone's "100 Greatest Drummers of All Time". Check it out right HERE.
  • Three Rare Shows in Fall River, Boston and Portsmouth

    Don't miss these three shows of rare solo and collaborative material with Sam Amidon. Tonight at The Narrows Center in Fall River, MA. Then tomorrow night at Stave Sessions in Boston. And finally this Saturday at 3S Artspace in Portsmouth, NH.

    Some tickets still available here.

  • "Wild Sound" Performed by Third Coast Percussion

    Glenn's new composition, "Wild Sound" will be performed by Third Coast Percussion on the three following dates in Sheboygan, WI, San Francisco, CA and Davis, CA.

    March 17 | Kohler Arts Center | Sheboygan, WI | TICKETS

    March 28 | SFJAZZ Center | San Francisco, CA | TICKETS

    April 02 | UC Mondavi Center | Davis, CA | TICKETS

  • The Colorado

    A documentary film about the North American West, a musical tribute to land and water, and a cautionary tale about the environment. Please consider donating to the kickstarter, only 8 days to go!
  • Wall Street Journal Reviews Drumkit Quartets

    "Mr. Kotche puts So Percussion’s expansive arsenal of noisemakers, and his own collection of found sounds, to picturesque use."

    Great review of Drumkit Quartets in The Wall Street Journal.

  • Drumkit Quartets is Out Today!

    Now available worldwide via Cantaloupe Music.




  • Glenn Chats with Red Bull about Drumkit Quartets

    Read and listen to the album early here.
  • The New York Times Reviews Drumkit Quartets Premiere at Carnegie Hall on February 12

    "A performance that would prove entertaining, virtuosic, occasionally lyrical, but most often joyfully loud."

    Check out this New York Times Review of the premiere of Glenn's composition for Sō Percussion at Carnegie Hall on Feb. 12.

  • New Composition for Sō Percussion at Carnegie Hall on February 12

    This program includes a new piece composed by Glenn Kotche for Sō Percussion. “Through a mix of consummate skill and quirky charm, this mercurial quartet has helped to ignite an explosive new enthusiasm for percussion music old and new,” says The New York Times.


    GLENN KOTCHE Drumkit Quartets

    ·· #50 (Leffinge, Chicago)

    ·· #54 (Vienna)

    ·· #51 (Tokyo, Brisbane, Berlin) (with Yuka Honda, Voice)

    ·· #3 Movement III (Minneapolis, Chicago)

    GLENN KOTCHE Migrations (World Premiere, commissioned by Carnegie Hall)

    GLENN KOTCHE Drumkit Quartet #1 (Los Angeles, Russell, Auckland)

    STEVEN MACKEY Before It Is Time (NY Premiere, co-commissioned by Carnegie Hall)

    SO PERCUSSION / SHARA WORDEN Timeline (NY Premiere, co-commissioned by Carnegie Hall)

  • Glenn Talks with The Boston Globe

    “I wish it was more like I had a foolproof method to go to every time. . . . But for me, the act of composing — there’s so much freedom to it."

    Glenn discusses So Percussion commission 'Drumkit Quartets,' performing John Luther Adams' 'Ilimaq' and more with The Boston Globe.

  • This March - Three Shows with Sam Amidon

    Just Announced: Three new shows with Sam Amidon.

    Mar 17 | Narrows Center for the Arts | Fall River, MA | TICKETS

    Mar 18 | Stave Sessions | Boston, MA | TICKETS

    Mar 19 | 3S Artspace | Portsmouth, NH | TICKETS

  • Silk Road Ensemble's 'Mille Etoiles'

    The world premiere performance of 'Mille Etoiles' by the Silk Road Ensemble will be on February 21 at the University of California, Santa Barbara. Originally composed by Glenn in 2012, check out this interview in which Glenn discusses the process of revision.
  • Glenn on Late Night with Seth Meyers

    All this week, Glenn will be sitting in with The G8 Band on Late Night with Seth Meyers.

    Monday, January 11: Guests Trevor Noah, David Cross and musical guest X Ambassadors.

    Tuesday, January 12: Guests Eva Longoria, Jason Mantzoukas and Sunil Yapa.

    Wednesday, January 13: Guests Ice Cube, Heather Graham and musical guest Kelsea Ballerini.

    Thursday, January 14: Rashida Jones, Khloe Kardashian and Rachel Bloom.

  • Drumkit Quartets is out Feb. 26

    The new album Drumkit Quartets, composed by Glenn for So Percussion, will be out Feb. 26 via Cantaloupe Records.

    Preorder HERE.

    01. Drumkit Quartet #51

    02. Drumkit Quartet #1

    03. Drumkit Quartet #3, Mt I

    04. Drumkit Quartet #3, Mt II

    05. Drumkit Quartet #3, Mt III

    06. Drumkit Quartet #6

    07. Drumkit Quartet #50

    08. Drumkit Quartet #54

    09. Drumkit Quartet #51 (Chicago Realization)

    Listen to "Drumkit Quartet #54" below.

  • The New York Times Reviews Ilimaq

    "On this seductive recording, computer-designed sounds merely create an acoustic aura that envelops the quizzical, ruminating patterns drawn by Mr. Kotche ... the result is music that refuses to be pegged to the ancient Inuit traditions that the album's title invokes or the tech-obsessed present." - Corinna Da Fonseca-Wollheim

    Great review in The New York Times today.

    Ilimaq on iTunes.

  • The Guardian Reviews Ilimaq

    "Adams likens the role of the percussionist in leading the way through the soundscapes he creates in 'Ilimaq' to that of a shaman in the inuit tradition, conducting journeys to and from the spirit world." - Andrew Clements

    A great review of Ilimaq out today in The Guardian.

    Ilimaq on iTunes.

  • Pitchfork Reviews Ilimaq

    "'Untune the Sky' brings everything from the composition’s first half hour together for a rite that finds Kotche wailing on an expanded kit, and it’s here where the drummer’s technique is the most impressive. After that apex of clamor, 'Ascension' provides a calming coda of high-pitch drones. As a suggestive mirror-image of the piece’s opening 'Descent,' it’s satisfying and logical—though the chief virtue of this piece is Adams’s slow-motion way of arriving at grander, less predictable change." - Seth Colter Walls

    A terrific review of Ilimaq on Pitchfork.

    Ilimaq on iTunes.

  • WQXR Reviews Ilimaq

    "And so a piece that ought to have been nothing more than a lot of repetitive drumming becomes a surprisingly moving and even—in it's strange way—lyrical piece of music. 'Ilimaq' is an immersive, mesmerizing, and deeply musical journey for the listener, as well as a spectacular vehicle for a pivotal talent from the world of rock." - Daniel Stephen Johnson

    A great review of Ilimaq on WQXR.

    Ilimaq on iTunes.

  • Process of Making Ilimaq

    "Ilimaq" [Il'-i-maq]: is the Iñupiaq (Alaska Inuit) word for "spirit journey." And that's exactly what Ilimaq, the new album composed by John Luther Adams and performed by Glenn Kotche, is. "This is about endurance. This is about power. This is about a transformative experience as a drummer," Glenn says about this project.

    Watch the video below to learn more about the process of making this innovative piece of music.

  • Ilimaq is Out Today

    Glenn's newest piece of music, composed by John Luther Adams, is out today on Cantaloupe Records. Ilimaq is now available on iTunes and Amazon

  • Glenn on The Trap Set with Joe Wong

    Listen to Glenn, on the latest podcast episode of The Trap Set with Joe Wong, talk about the internal workings of Wilco and how he strives for balance between his many creative pursuits and his family life.
  • How does Glenn listen to music?

    On October 1st at opening night of National Sawdust, Glenn will be performing with vocalist Tanya Tagaq and cellist Jeffrey Zeigler, in celebration of the new artist-led, non-profit venue in Brooklyn. Glenn will be a composer in residence at National Sawdust through 2016. Check out the video below to feel inspired by the many artists involved with the new space.
  • Don't Miss Your Chance to Meet Glenn

    Austin, Texas! Come meet Wilco's Glenn Kotche and try out his first signature stick, the ProMark Active Waive 570. He'll be at the Jeff Ryder Drum Shop at 2pm CT on Sept. 30. Check them out here:
  • Meet Glenn

    Come meet Wilco's Glenn Kotche. He'll be at the following music shops at 2p ET today, tomorrow and Monday talking about his new signature Active Wave drumsticks. Available now:

    Sept 19th (@ 2pm ET) – Toronto, ON - Just Drums
    Sept 20th (@ 2pm ET) – Ottawa, ON - Dave's Drum Shop
    Sept 21th (@ 2pm ET) – Montreal, QC - Steve's Music Store
  • The New Glenn Kotche Active Wave 570 Drumsticks

    Designed with Glenn Kotche from Wilco, the all new Promark Active Wave 570 features the heat-activated ActiveGrip™ coating on the entire stick, and the new countoured WaveHandle™ design. Click here to purchase.

  • Drumming with Glenn at Solid Sound

    The #DRUMSWITHGLENN contest has officially ended. 25 randomly-chosen winners are listed below. Congratulations to those who won and thank you everyone who participated. Winners will be contacted via the social media outlet they entered, so keep your eyes pealed. And don't forget, if you did not win, the remaining 25 spots will be assigned on a first-come, first-served basis on Saturday, June 27 (BLDG 11, 2nd FL).

    As a reminder all participants must be able to attend the workshop on Saturday 6/27 from 1:30-3pm, a Sunday 6/28 rehearsal from 10a-10:30a and the performance on Sunday 6/28 from 2-3p at Solid Sound.

    Participants should also be able to play basic rhythms, be good at following direction and must be able to distinguish colors.


    Taylor Johnson - @teejVT

    Megan - @retrofier

    Beto Cataldi - @quasebeto

    Tyler - @tyler_

    Dan Condon - @thedancondon

    Heather McGroddy - @HMWellHello (for Jim)

    barry klatzkin - @Bklatzkin

    drumlessversion - @drumlessversion

    Z-Mac - @ZeldMac

    Shannon H. - @shanlee

    Admiral Barkington - @Abarkington

    A$AP pat - @placidpat

    Patrick Johnson - ‏@patrickhjohnson

    Christian Danger - @xtiandanger

    Pete Sandvik - @petesandvik

    Sandra Almeida - @shesa_rainbow


    uniquely_steph - Stephanie Smith

    foureyedsarah - Sarah Chastain Siener


    wickedmonk13 - Brian Morgan

    Beth Aulenback Holden

    Vanessa O'Mara

    Bob Burt

    Fran Dalziel

  • A Beat a Week

    Glenn's A Beat A Week is now available on iBooks for iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, and Mac. It’s also live on Amazon Kindle and Google Play. iBooks: Amazon Kindle: Google Play:
  • Glenn's Top 5 Tips for Drummers

    Glenn shares essential tips for drummers on Music Radar.

    1. Play

    2. Have big ears - and eyes

    3. Be prepared - the old adage

    4. Learn the basics

    5. Be someone who others want to work and play with

  • Praise for Kotche's "Something of Life" on Jeff Zeigler's solo debut

    "Filled with sounds of walking, talking, busy public spaces in which Zeigler’s glissandi — and scraps of Beethoven — seem to search out and discover soft rhythms, the piece is unusually successful in its meld of instrumental and ambient elements." - Thought Catolog

    "It’s clever writing, with the music put together in a way that feels effortless, familiar and fun." - WQXR
  • Washington Post review

    The Washington Post says Three Parts Wisdom "was a soaring, gorgeous tour de force for solo cello, with Beiser accompanying herself in real time through electronic delays."
    Read the full article here.
  • "Something Of Life" - Jeff Zeigler

    I want to let everyone know about a new record that I appear on - Cellist Jeff Zeigler is releasing his first record and my piece "Something Of Life" - which I also drum on - is the title track! Jeff plays on my last record, Adventureland, as part of the Kronos Quartet and it's great to be musically reunited in this setting. The record also has some incredible performances of pieces by Phillip Glass, John Zorn, Paola Prestini, Felipe Perez Santiago and Gity Razaz - Definitely worth checking out.

    See album info HERE. - Buy the album HERE.

    Also - for those around NYC - the record release show is next week 11/3 -TICKETS
  • Glenn premieres "Wild Sound" with Third Coast Percussion

    “Wild Sound” is a deeply human, organic work at heart that, over and over, turns everyday sounds into music." Read South Bend Tribune's full review of Glenn's latest composition here.
  • New EP - Fantasyland - Out now

    The companion to Glenn's EP Adventureland is out now and exclusively available via iTunes.
  • Chicago Residency

    Glenn Kotche presents four nights of intimate, innovative and audience interactive workshops in composition, drumming, and sound art / instrument making culminating in a concert performance in the Old Town School of Folk Music's acoustically acclaimed Maurer Hall on Friday, November 7th. More info here..
  • Fundraiser Event with Chef Rick Bayless

    Join Glenn for a one-of-a-kind evening at Rick Bayless' house on Monday, August 18. Tickets for the dinner party and performance are limited. All proceeds go to the Frontera Scholarship Fund at Kendall College, which provides tuition to the culinary school for Mexican-American students. Details here.

  • Glenn Kotche: “So yeah, I can compose I guess…why not?”

    FDRMX sat down with Glenn before his set at the Celebrate Brooklyn! festival in Prospect Park last Saturday to gain some insight on the development of his career, (strange) instruments of choice, and his newest solo album Adventureland. Read the interview here.
  • Collaborate with Glenn Kotche on Blend

    Using the Blend platform, Glenn is inviting musicians, producers and fans alike to reimagine “Anomaly,” a seven-movement piece he composed with the Kronos Quartet from his latest album Adventureland. Use invite code KOTCHE to join in and collaborate. More details here.
  • Reviews: A Beat a Week: A Total Percussion Approach to Playing the Drumset

    Modern Drummer and Percussive Notes recently reviewed Glenn's book, A Beat A Week. Check them out.
  • Glenn Kotche to perform alongside his Alma Mater

    On Wednesday, May 14, Glenn will join the Lake Park High School percussion ensemble concert as a guest artist. The show starts at 7p.m. at 590 S. Medinah Rd. Roselle, IL 60172. More info here.
  • New record - Adventureland - out now

    The new record by Glenn Kotche, Adventureland, is out now on Cantaloupe Music. Get it here, or download on iTunes.
  • Installation featuring Kotche's music at Packer Schopf Gallery

    On Friday, April 11, a reception will be held at the Packer Schopf Gallery, 942 W. Lake St Chicago, IL.Artist Ian Schneller will create a sculptural and sonic exhibition in the gallery. This sound installation offers a fresh and vibrant take on Schneller’s Sonic Arboretum. The music composed by Glenn Kotche will feature recorded performances by eighth blackbird and Kronos Quartet. More info here.
  • Petty Fest - Seattle 2014

    On April 9, Glenn performs alongside other musicians at Petty Fest 2014. 100% of ticket sale proceeds will be donated to Sweet Relief. The concert takes place at the Showbox in Seattle, WA; doors open at 8pm, and showtime is 9pm. For tickets, visit
  • Premiere: Glenn Kotche's arrangement of Mozart's

    Glenn Kotche's arrangement of Mozart's "Rex Tremendae" will premiere at the Fusebox Festival in Austin, TX on April 16, 2014. More info.
  • Cave Dance

    A new score is available from Glenn Kotche: Cave Dance, a Snare Drum Solo with Foot Pedal Instrument. Cave Dance is inspired by Flamenco dance performances the author experienced while in Malaga, Spain. The dramatic, flamboyant, and virtuosic performances take place in the Sacromonte district caves which have been converted into Romani entertainment venues. This piece is derived from recordings the author made featuring various combinations of folk dances that are strung together into a performance. Hence, the constantly shifting tempos and feels that occur within the piece. Some of the dances featured female dancers and some male; some were with instrumental accompaniment and others just with hand claps or castanets. More info/purchase here.
  • Glenn releases his first drum book:

    Glenn Releases His First Drum Book A Beat a Week contains 52 unique beats from his recorded catalog. Intended as a supplemental method, it explains the inspiration, origins, and evolution of these diverse beats with detailed text alongside each one. Taking the same concepts that embody Kotche's playing, it promotes a total percussion approach to drumset by exhibiting a wide variety of source material ranging from rock, jazz, classical, marching, world, and electronic percussion idioms. Each beat is broken down into step-by-step examples for deeper understanding and in-depth study. This book is perfect for drummers at all levels or anyone curious about the creative process. More info / purchase
  • New performances of Kotche works

    New performances by So Percussion and Garrett Mendelow of Glenn's pieces by have been added -- visit the Shows page for details.
  • A Fresh Look at Reich's

    Originally published in Percussive Notes, October 2005. Open/download PDF
  • Radiolab + On Fillmore

    After a successful collaboration at Wilco's Solid Sound Festival, On Fillmore - Kotche's duo with bassist Darin Gray - hits the road with Radiolab this fall to perform their show entitled Apocalyptical. Glenn and Darin join the acclaimed WNYC public radio program for live performances across the U.S. UPDATE, DECEMBER 2013:
    Watch a video of the entire Seattle performance of Apocalyptical: