• Glenn Kotche, Sō Percussion - Drumkit Quartets

    Released February 26, 2016 on Cantaloupe Music.
  • Glenn Kotche, John Luther Adams - Ilimaq

    Released on October 30, 2015 on Cantaloupe Music.
  • Glenn Kotche - Fantasyland

    Released: Jun 24, 2014 on Cantaloupe Music The companion to Glenn's EP Adventureland is out now and exclusively available via iTunes.
  • Glenn Kotche - Adventureland

    Released March 25, 2014 on Cantaloupe Music. Features Kronos Quartet, eighth blackbird and Gamelan Galak Tika. Purchase a CD here, or download on iTunes
  • Glenn Kotche - Mobile

    Nonesuch Records / 2006 / Order

    Kotche explores negative rhythm, ideas of the mobile structure and linear stretching and expanding of rhythm on his third solo release. Written sparsely over a nine-month period, the album comprises eight new compositions with inspirations ranging from the Ramayana, Wilco drumbeats, Steve Reich, the Nonesuch Explorer series, and percussionists Tony Allen and Ed Blackwell. The album features a wide range of instruments including vibraphone, kalimba, mbira, and Glenn's custom-assembled drum kit. Visit glennkotche.com for track samples and upcoming solo performances.

    Tracks: Clapping Music Variations / Mobile Parts 1 & 2 / Mobile Part 3 / Projections of (what) Might... / Monkey Chant / Reductions or Imitations / Individual Trains / Fantasy on a Shona Theme
  • Glenn Kotche - Introducing

    Quakebasket/Locust / 2002 / Order

    Tracks: Cheju / Stagger On / Wading Pool / Mask
  • Glenn Kotche - Next

    Quakebasket / 2002 / Order

    Glenn writes: My second record “Next” was made to explore chance rhythms. Whereas “Introducing” was almost a collage of various percussion recordings that I had made to explore coincidental rhythms, I wanted to record “Next” live, on a drum set. It is an all improvised recording made in one afternoon at Semaphore studio, in Chicago, and recorded (as was “Introducing”) by Jeremy Lemos. Semaphore is also the venue 6Odum, where Lampo has put on many incredible improvised shows by a variety of artists from all over the world. I was hoping to capture some of the inspiration that I got from those shows for this recording. I did a few things to ensure that this record would be truly improvised – true chance. I built or customized several pairs of mallets or implements that were designed to react differently than ordinary sticks. Some of these had springs as part of the mallet so I would have no idea how it would react when I tried to play something. I was basically trying to avoid playing anything that I already knew how to play – take any training out of the equation. In addition, I prepared the drum kit by placing various small cymbals, bells, chains and chunks of metal on the drumheads and cymbals. I used elements to throw myself off -- I wasn't sure what kind of sound or rhythm I was going to produce when I hit it something. I was divorcing my limbs from my head, in a way. It’s a short record, less than 30 minutes. I like short records and many of the European free improv records that I’m a fan of are also concise. “Next” successfully recorded the type of playing I was immersed in for a brief period of time.
  • Wilco

    For information on Glenn's recordings as part of the acclaimed Chicago rock band Wilco, visit Wilcoworld.net or the Wilco Store
  • On Fillmore

    For information about releases by Glenn's duo On Fillmore (w/ Darin Gray), visit onfillmore.com